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Tip # 107 Smart Home Inspections

Tip # 107 Smart Home Inspections

Tip # 107 Make sure your Home Inspector is Certified and uses newly available technology to inspect the property you are hiring them for.  Make sure their Certifications are current and that they take Continuing Education Courses to stay up to date with current technologies and home systems.  Even many older homes may have been upgrades to more technologically advanced features, that not all inspectors have knowledge of.  Get to know your inspector, ask questions and make sure they are properly educated.  Do your homework and make sure it is a Smart Home Inspection Process.
How Important is Getting a Home Inspection Report Delivered Fast?

How Important is Getting a Home Inspection Report Delivered Fast?

Buying a home is a proud moment and a major investment for anyone. Prior to submitting your offer, it is important to do your research and find out as much information as you can. As a potential buyer, part of this process includes touring the house, having a home inspection done and using those results along with other comparisons to come up with a price you feel comfortable making an offer for the house. One of the first steps in the home-buying process is to tour the home. Touring the house with a licensed agent allows buyers to get general information about the property, ask any questions they may have and see the overall condition of the house from an inside perspective. Interested bu